lunes, 16 de mayo de 2011

Alberto's Boiler Farewell [English]

Dear all,

After 8 years and after taking many aspects under consideration, I have decided to leave the Boiler Club which I co-founded with Albert Petit in the summer 2003.

I think that, despite the weekender which is still attracting a majority of the crowd I do like, the club has become too big and too known and is nowadays attracting too much undesired square nightlife. The kind of public I am not willing to work for at all.

On the other hand, my current partners, Cristina and Jordi, have different points of view on this and other matters concerning the club, and I realize that my presence on the team is not helping anybody: nor me, nor them. I am sure that Cris & Jordi will definitely work better together without me complaining about the differences between the ideas we had in mind when we gave birth to the club, and what the club has now become.

Said so, I’d like to thank everybody who has been involved with the Boiler during those last 8 years: Albert Petit, Cristina Alonso & Jordi Duró, of course, but also Marcos Juandó, Juan Carlos Reyes, Juan Ibáñez, Javi Trojan, Sara Ramos, Marina Domingo, Raquel Ares, Marc Aureli, Marc Tena, the many bands & DJS; and very special thanks to Frank & Laura to the Mas i Mas crew for making it possible.

I will be assisting to the Boiler sessions as public and not as co promoter anymore. I will always be proud of have being part of this adventure, a very singular event for Spanish nightlife. I’m also working on some new club, with a different team, all with the same idea of club in mind, so stay tuned and see you all at the bar or, even better, on the dancefloor!

Alberto Valle

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